DANS explores the scholarly ecosystem of the future

24 september 2013

In September DANS welcomes Dr Andrew Treloar as a visiting fellow. With Andrew’s visit DANS continues its exploration of a possible “Scholarly Ecosystem of the Future”.

The challenge of co-ordinating infrastructures

All research is international, yet the infrastructures that these researchers use to do their research are still largely nationally-funded and supported. The question of how to develop, support, and coordinate these infrastructures is the topic of current debate. The Netherlands ambition is to play a pioneering role concerning policies of open access and digital preservation (as pointed out in the DANS video about data sharing).

There are two reasons why digital data curation needs to expand beyond national policies. First, digital data are becoming a “global public good”, they are disseminated and increasingly linked over the web. Second, under the pressure of limited or shrinking budgets, the need to learn from international experiences becomes crucial to be able to respond to newly emerging tasks of digital data curation. The Scholarly Ecosystem of the Future is by default embedded in a network structure with stakeholders from research policy, over research communities to information service providers. The challenge is how to evolve the current network structure to support the future.

Visiting fellows

International visiting fellows enrich DANS with their knowledge of data management and data archivering. Dr Andrew Treloar visits DANS from September 24 to October 4, 2013. He continues his visit with a longer stay in December 2013/January 2014. In this period DANS has the pleasure to host both Herbert van de Sompel, who visited DANS before, and Andrew Treloar.

About Andrew Treloar

Since 2009 Andrew Treloar is the Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). He belongs to the leading international experts in the fields of data curation, research data management, and information management strategies. He was a founding organising member of the Research Data Alliance and currently serves as an initial member of its Technical Advisory Board. His strength is the ability to combine scientific reflection with very practical needs of implementation and research management. Andrew’s research contributions are informed and triggered by concrete daily needs of digital data archives, institutional policies for data curation, and national research infrastructure considerations.

Seminar at SURF

DANS and SURF are hosting a seminar led by Andrew Treloar on October 4th. The theme is ‘Data Infrastructure and the Scholarly Ecosystem of the Future’.

More information

More information about Andrew Treloar can be found on his website. If you have more questions about his collaboration with DANS please contact Andrea Scharnhorst via andrea.scharnhorst at dans.knaw.nl.

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