Research Data Netherlands and Digital Curation Center jointly organize an online course on data management.

For the 15th anniversary of DANS, the DANS Data Game was produced. The game was developed especially for researchers in the Netherlands, but has already spread throughout the world. For example, researchers in Brazil, Spain and Finland are currently playing the game.

RDJ, published by Brill publishers and DANS, is a peer reviewed e-only open access journal. Authors can submit their data papers online.

On February 6 2020 DANS organized the first FAIRsFAIR certification workshop, in cooperation with FAIRsFAIR partners UKDA, PANGAEA, CINES and DCC.

Not all file formats ensure long-term usability, accessibility and preservation of data. DANS works with preferred formats.

Read the success stories about sharing and reusing data in the latest E-data & Research in Dutch. Including in this issue: Trading areas VOC and WIC online, EHRI brings researchers and sources together as a platform for Holocaust research and Koninklijke Bibliotheek saves XS4ALL homepages.

Do you want to professionalise in the field of data support? Follow the renewed “Essentials 4 Data Support” course and learn the art of good data management and data preservation. This course has been contributing to the professionalisation of data supporters in the Netherlands and the rest of the world for years. Register now for the course rounds in 2020.

The United Nations has declared 11 February as the international day of women and girls in science. Over the past 15 years, the global community has put a lot of effort into inspiring and involving women and girls in science. Yet women and girls lag behind in participating in science. Various publications on this subject can be found in NARCIS.