Mixed-mode surveys have become indispensable in scientific, market and policy research in the Netherlands and Flanders. This type of research has been used for years, but the during the Covid pandemic existing developments in mixed-mode research have - sometimes of necessity - gained momentum. Reason enough for the Dutch-Speaking Platform Survey Research (NPSO) to organise its annual day around the central theme 'What is the future for mixed-mode survey research?'.

Open Hour SSH

Get all your questions answered during Open Hour for the SSH community. A live Q&A every Monday morning.

On Monday 12 June, we will present our Data Stations. We will show you how to deposit your dataset and how to find datasets for reuse.

Together with meemoo, UGent and the Platform Linked Data Netherlands (PLDN), NDE will update you on current developments around the decentralised web and Solid from a broader heritage, media, research and community perspective. This symposium will be in Dutch.

19 - 30 June | After its successful first run last summer, ODISSEI will host its second Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICCS). The purpose is to bring together social and data scientists interested in computational social science. SICSS-ODISSEI is unique within the SICSS framework in focusing primarily on the analysis of administrative data. Photo of SICSS-ODISSEI 2022 by MG Fotografie / Michel Groen

This webinar presents the results of the Monitoring obsolete file formats project. The aim of the project was to investigate whether obsolete file formats can be identified. The research will be explained by Sam Alloing (Royal Library), Lotte Wijsman (National Archive) and Valentijn Gilissen (DANS). The webinar will be held in Dutch.

This edition aims to strengthen the skills required to excel in data management, getting the participants geared up to manage and process data throughout the full, research-data lifecycle (data discovery; data processing; data analysis; data preservation and publishing).

This four-day online course covers four different modules for trainers to enhance their understanding of EOSC and various related topics alongside their ability to integrate it into their training activities.