This symposium promises to be an inspiring and interactive day focusing on the topic of oral history and will be of interest to historical societies, individual practitioners, professionals, volunteers from migrant groups, museum and archive staff and anyone who wants to learn more about oral history.

Open Hour SSH

Get all your questions answered during Open Hour for the SSH community. A live Q&A every Monday morning.

In this final webinar in the RDM Training series, you will learn from BY-COVID experts about their RDM practices, tools, use cases and challenges when managing data. This particular webinar will discuss issues of harmonization standards, interoperability, and interdisciplinary use of data. DANS is a member of the BY-COVID project, and this webinar and panel discussion will be chaired by DANS Expert Team member Kim Ferguson.

Are you a restorer or a museum staff member using interviews as a research method in relation to collections? Then this workshop will be of interest to you. Learn more about depositing collection interviews, to publish and archive them in the new DANS Data Station Social Sciences and Humanities, under the guidance of Jetze Touber and Widia Mahabier of DANS, together with Laura Wolfkamp and Sanneke Stigter of the University of Amsterdam, from the Oral History - Stories at the Museum around Artworks (OH-SMArt) project. This workshop will be held in Dutch.

The main theme of IDCC24 will be Trust through Transparency taken from every vantage point of our communities. FAIR-IMPACT will feature in three workshops: “FAIR-by-Design: introducing Skills4EOSC and FAIR-IMPACT resources and support”, “Defining the criteria for assessing PID Policies and Services”, and “Guidelines on transparent exposure of repository information: informing decisions of trustworthiness”.

The goal of this workshop is to include the FAIR skills and competences in a FAIR implementation action plan: How to develop FAIR skills and competences at a national level and how this aspect must be reflected in a FAIR implementation plan. This event is organised in conjunction with Skills4EOSC project.