DANS is the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data. We help researchers make their data available for reuse. This allows researchers to use the data for new research and makes published research verifiable and reproducible. With more than 300,000 datasets and a staff of 60, DANS is one of the leading repositories in Europe.

“It is our mission to enhance the reusability of research data and thus the quality of scientific research.”

The use of FAIR data improves the verifiability and reproducibility of research. It also enhances efficiency because working on datasets is expensive. What is more, linking data can lead to new discoveries and insights. Reusing and connecting data accelerates knowledge circulation and increases our ability to solve complex issues. In short, making better use of data leads to better science, which matters to society.

The following years, DANS will focus on what the Dutch data landscape needs to be successful and how DANS can make its most effective contribution: as a versatile data repository, as a centre of expertise for FAIR data, and as a partner. Read more in the programme for 2021-2025.

Our services

Data Stations

In a Data Station, researchers and research teams can create, manage and share their own data collection in an environment that is dedicated and connected to their own disciplines and research infrastructures.

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Data Vault

A secure, reliable, and certified long-term preservation repository. It contains all datasets that have been entrusted to DANS, including the Data Stations, EASY and DataverseNL.

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DataverseNL is a shared service provided by participating institutes and DANS. DataverseNL uses the Dataverse software developed by Harvard University, which is used worldwide.

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Data expertise

DANS shares expertise built up in national and European projects with researchers, research institutions, research funders, data professionals and other archives, to help with (background information on) the sustainable storage and sharing of data.

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EASY is an online archiving system for depositing and reusing research data. EASY contains datasets from the humanities, health sciences, social and behavioural sciences, oral history and spatial sciences.

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DANS is an institute of KNAW and NWO


The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1808 as an advisory body to the Dutch Government – a role that it continues to play today. The Academy derives its authority from the quality of its members, who represent the full spectrum of scientific and scholarly endeavour and are selected on the basis of their achievements. It is also responsible for fourteen internationally renowned institutes whose research and collections put them in the vanguard of Dutch science and scholarship.


The Dutch Research Council (NWO) funds top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science by means of research programmes and by managing the national knowledge infrastructure.

Scientific Advisory Council

The Scientific Advisory Council advises DANS.

The composition of council:

  • Prof. dr. Marcel Das – Centerdata (chair)
  • Prof. dr. Marjolijn Das – Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
  • Prof. mr. dr. ir. Jaap Zevenbergen – Twente University
  • Ass. prof. Tanja Houweling – Erasmus MC
  • Drs. Mariette de Rooij – RAAP Archaeological Consultancy
  • Dr. Jannine van de Maat – The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP)


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