EASY General Terms and Conditions of Use

When you create an EASY account, you agree to be bound by the EASY General Terms and Conditions of Use (.pdf). These terms and conditions apply to the general use of EASY, such as requesting and downloading datasets.

Deposit agreement

When depositing a new dataset in EASY, you will conclude a deposit agreement (.pdf) with DANS. This agreement is based on the most relevant laws and codes of conduct, such as the Copyright Act, Databases Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and VSNU Codes of Conduct. Key points of the deposit agreement include:

  • DANS is entitled to include the dataset in its archives and make it available under the conditions stipulated.
  • The agreement is a “non-exclusive” licence. This means that the owner of the dataset is free to also deposit and/or publish it elsewhere.
  • You declare that you own the rights, or that you are authorised by the rights owner(s), to deposit and disclose the dataset. This may involve copyrights, database or patent rights.
  • You do not renounce any database rights or copyrights, unless you choose to place the dataset in the public domain (CC0 1.0).

When depositing you have a choice between the Open Access and Restricted Access categories. With Open Access you can choose from various licences. With Restricted Access, the dataset is subject to the DANS Licence by default.

Processing agreement EASY

When you deposit personal data in the meaning of the GDPR, you, or your organisation, are a data controller and DANS is a data processor under the GDPR. You and DANS must conclude a processing agreement. DANS offers you a standard processing agreement (.pdf). A processing agreement does not apply if your dataset only contains personal data to account for the dataset, such as the ‘Creator’ (one of the metadata fields) or citations.

DANS Licence

The DANS licence (.pdf) sets out the conditions of use for datasets in the Open Access for registered users and Restricted Access categories.Those conditions apply to you as soon as you can view or have downloaded files from datasets in these categories. Key points of the DANS Licence include:

  • You must respect any copyrights and/or database rights in the dataset, particularly when distributing or disclosing it.
  • When using a dataset in publications, you are required to cite it.

For the Open Access category, the DANS licence does not apply. For this category an Open Access licence licence or public domain dedication applies which is indicated in the metadata field ‘licence’. For example CC-BY 4.0.

Privacy policy

DANS has a privacy statement which also provides for a complaints procedure.


DANS is not liable for the contents of the datasets made available through EASY. More information can be found in the disclaimer.

Ownership rights

Our slogan is: ‘accessible whenever possible, protected if necessary’. DANS advocates placing as few restrictions as possible on the accessibility of research data and publications. There may, however, be reasons why research data cannot be openly or immediately accessible, for example because of the presence of personal data, contractual obligations towards third parties or an embargo due to an impending publication. All data files in EASY have therefore either open or restricted access, possibly with a temporary embargo.

The ownership rights in a dataset will always rest with the depositor or the person on whose behalf the depositor has deposited the dataset. Rights (database rights, copyrights, neighbouring rights) may rest on the dataset and data files; they may belong to different parties. Depending on the disclosure option selected by the depositor, the user must respect these rights. Moreover, based on database rights, the EASY website may not be copied in its entirety nor in substantial parts without explicit permission from DANS.