DataverseNL is a research data repository co-provided by DANS and participating institutions. DANS manages the technical infrastructure and the institutions using DataverseNL are responsible for granting rights to user accounts, managing and curating the deposited research data within DataverseNL.

If your institution is looking for a repository to publish research data, please contact Marion Wittenberg, service manager DataverseNL. If you are a researcher and would like to publish data in DataverseNL, please contact your institution.

Institutions pay a fixed fee for their participation in DataverseNL. The membership fee for 2023 is €5,275 excluding VAT. In addition, data storage costs are charged at € 295 per terabyte (TB) per year excluding VAT. For 2024, these amounts are €5,550 excluding VAT and €310 excluding VAT. 

DANS does not charge researchers any costs. It is possible that your institution will charge you. Please contact the institution for information about this.

Advisory board and administrator meetings
All institutions are represented by one person in the DataverseNL advisory board, which determines the policy of the service. In addition, the institutions’ local Dataverse administrators meet bi-monthly to exchange experiences and work together to develop best practices for Research Data Management (RDM).

Legal information
For participation in DataverseNL, institutes agree to the DataverseNL cooperation agreement (in Dutch). For the processing of personal data in DataverseNL, the institutes sign a processor’s agreement (in Dutch). DANS is the processor, the institute the processor responsible. This agreement does not cover personal data that serve to account for datasets, such as the creator, the rights holder or citations.

DataverseNL General Terms of Use
When you create an account in DataverseNL as a user, you agree to the DataverseNL General Terms of Use.

DataverseNL uses the open source Dataverse software, developed by Harvard University.  There is a global community contributing to the development of this software and there are 95 installations using it. For more information see:


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Drs. Marion Wittenberg

Service Manager DataverseNL