DANS shares insights into data landscape

15 November 2021

The Business Intelligence team of DANS provides insight into Open Science and the Dutch data landscape through various statistics and charts.

Peter Doorn, senior researcher at DANS and compiler of the dashboard: “The Business Intelligence team of DANS focuses, among other things, on trends in the availability of data services for scientific research. It also examines the extent to which the ambitions of the Open Science policy of the Netherlands and the European Union are being realized with regard to Open and FAIR access to research results, such as publications, data and software, and how the state of affairs changes over time. We share those insights, because they are highly relevant for national and European policy – and assessing its effects.”

One example is the Dutch Open Science Dashboard 2020-2021. This dashboard shows the Dutch data landscape monitored in 10 graphs. The figures show the trend towards more Open Science, but there are also clear areas for improvement.

The Business Intelligence team gathers information about the developments and also uses input from colleagues working within numerous Open Science projects, such as EOSC Future, EOSC-Synergy, FAIRsFAIR, and other collaborations.

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Check out this webpage for all the insights.

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Peter Doorn Ph.D.