DANS increases availability of COVID-related data and research

1 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of making scientific insights and information about public health emergencies open and immediately accessible. Through our Data Stations DANS provides open scientific data on COVID-19. 

This covers data from the Life,Health and Medical Sciences as well dataset concerned with the societal, economic, and cultural impact of the pandemic.In addition to providing data for re-use, DANS is an active participant in international projects that aim to make data on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases more open and accessible to researchers and the wider public, for example through the BY-COVID Project, and the RDA

Examples of COVID-related data at DANS

One example of COVID-related data that can be found through DANS is the LISS Panel study Effects of the Outbreak of Covid-19. LISS is a long-running social science panel involving roughly 5,000 Dutch households. This Covid-19 study investigates the societal impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the handling of the pandemic in the Netherlands. DANS provides the long-term storage of the data collected by the LISS panel.  

Another example dataset available at DANS is the Material Supply Strategies in a Crisis (MASSC) study data. This study aims to understand the crucial supply and logistical challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, by investigating how these challenges were faced in the Netherlands in comparison with other countries around the world. 

Participation in international projects

The BY-COVID (BeYond COVID) project aims to make data on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases more publicly available, providing a framework for future infectious disease outbreaks. DANS participates in the BY-COVID project as a CESSDA affiliated entity, providing social science-related Data, Training, and Use Case development (for more information about our involvement, see this news item).

The RDA COVID-19 Working Group was set up to produce guidelines and set best practices for how to share data during the COVID-19 pandemic. DANS participates via its Deputy Director Ingrid Dillo, who is the co-chair of the working group (for more information, see this new item). The Working Group has produced numerous recommendations and guidelines on how to effectively share COVID-19 data in different contexts (see here).  

Dutch initiatives

Dutch initiatives with links to scientific information about the Coronavirus or COVID-19 are available on the openaccess.nl website.

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