RDA publishes final version of RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines on Data Sharing

6 July 2020

The RDA COVID-19 Working Group of the Research Data Alliance publishes the final version of their Recommendations and Guidelines for the sharing and reuse of COVID-19 related research data.

The Recommendations and Guidelines are the result of the work of hundreds of international experts who have volunteered to contribute to this work coordinated by the RDA. The work was carried out in three months with five iterations, all open to feedback from the international community.

Ingrid Dillo, deputy director of DANS, co-chair of the RDA Council and co-chair of this working group: “The recommendations in the document are intended to help stakeholders such as policymakers, financiers and publishers to optimize timely, high-quality data exchange and to respond appropriately in health emergencies. The Guidelines are more detailed and action oriented and intended for researchers. They consist of best practices to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of research and act as a blueprint for future emergencies. The Recommendations and Guidelines focus on four research areas that are crucial in this pandemic, namely: clinical research, omics, epidemiology and social sciences. In addition, extensive attention is paid to four intersecting aspects: community participation, data from indigenous people, legal and ethical aspects and research software.”

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