Using the Data Stations

DANS provides repository services to the research community in the Netherlands, and in some instances, world-wide.

DANS is in the process of replacing its legacy repository system (EASY) with domain-specific Data Stations. The Data Station Archaeology is operational, with Data Stations for Social Sciences and Humanities, Life, Health and Medical Sciences, and for Physical and Technical Sciences to follow.

The DANS Data Stations are based on the Dataverse software and Dataverse offers comprehensive user guidance for its standard functionality.

DANS provides guidance for depositors using our Data Stations, and if you intend to deposit data to the Data Station you should consult the following:

Users are able to access datasets and files without any access conditions or restrictions directly, but for files that are restricted in one way or another, users have to register. Registered users are also bound by the General Terms and Conditions. Anyone using data obtained from the Data Stations should consult the Data Reuse Guidelines.

Please contact DANS if you need information on any of the above.


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