Aspects to keep in mind after you deposit your data:

Overview of datasets
In your user profile (top of the page, right) you will find:

  1. A list of your datasets Under ‘My data’.
  2. A list of all notifications from the system, all those sent by mail.
  3. Account information.

Request for access to your dataset
If your dataset contains any file with ‘Restricted Access’ in combination with the possibility to allow for an ‘Access Request’, you will receive an email and notification from the system as soon as someone asks permission to download the file.

The email or notification contains the requestor’s email address. In the message there is also a link to a screen where you can grant or reject the request for access to the file(s). You can choose one of two actions in response:

  1. Grant access: Use this button if you want to grant the requestor access to your data.
  2. Reject access: Use this button if you refuse to give access to your data.

Note that you also can select more files and grant or reject all files with one action!

If you grant access, the chosen licence automatically applies. It is important that you use a stable email address for your account at DANS.

Citing your dataset
DANS asks you to cite your dataset in accordance with the  Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (2014). To make citation easier DANS advises to paste and copy the citation from the citation block at the top op de dataset page. It is also possible to download the citation directly in Endnote, RIS or BibText format.

 This source reference will consist of:

  • The name(s) and/or organisation of the creator(s) of the dataset;
  • The year in which the dataset was published;
  • The title of the dataset;
  • The name of the organisation managing the archive in which the dataset is stored: DANS;
  • The persistent identifier (DOI) of the dataset as a full URL.

For example:
Doorn, dr P.K.; Bommeljé, drs L.S.; Vroom, dr J.A.C.; Wijngaarden, drs H. van; Bommeljé, drs Y.B. (1990): The Aetolian Studies Project. DANS.

 When viewing a dataset at DANS, you will see the citation of the dataset at the top of the dataset page.



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