Research Data Management

High quality Research Data Management (RDM) is core to the activities of DANS. We promote management strategies throughout the research lifecycle, including the organisation, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected and used through the everyday management of research data during the lifetime of a research project.

DANS is involved in national and international discussions and training on RDM. In the Netherlands we do this through our involvement with RDNL, NPOS and the Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management (LCRDM). Internationally, we are engaged in projects such as EOSC Future and PATTERN. DANS also has long standing expertise in Data Management Plans (DMPs) and regularly runs training on how to write and execute DMPs. 

You can find out more about research data management through our RDNL courses on Essentials for Data Support and Delivering Research Data Management Services. You can follow an introduction to DMPs from the University of Utrecht, or try making your own using the DMPOnline tool developed by the DCC. Or have a look at the online comprehensive Data Management Expert Guide, which DANS co-developed.