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9 January 2020

Just like previous years, three guest speakers from the Winter School for Audiovisual Archiving will present a live streamed webinar. Register for the webinars on January 14, 15 and 16.

Lucy Wales, Jonáš Svatoš and Marjolein Steeman will be this webinar’s guests. They will talk about how they deal with specific preservation challenges within their organisations. The presentations last an hour and English will be the main language.

Lucy Wales (British Film Institute)

Lucy Wales is responsible at the BFI as Digital Preservation and Data Manager for managing the Digital Operations team, the BFI Filmography Diversity Researcher and the planning and implementation of data creation and media management workflows for the Heritage 2022 Video Digitalization and Diversity Data research projects.

Jonáš Svatoš (Národní filmový archiv)

Jonáš Svatoš is head of the digital laboratory of the Národní filmový archiv. This department manages digital film collections and is responsible for services related to the digitization of film and other media. Svatoš was originally a software engineer and focuses on solutions based on open standards and formats in the field of digital preservation.

Marjolein Steeman (Beeld en Geluid)

Marjolein Steeman works on various projects in the field of preservation and metadata. She develops and implements preservation plans for new formats and archive services. Marjolein studied administrative information science at VU University Amsterdam and worked for years as an expert in the field of data analysis and data management.

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