VU-researchers share their DataverseNL-experiences

6 June 2019

Over 1150 datasets have been added to DataverseNL by research professionals. Anneke de Maat (VU) conducted interviews with two VU-researchers on their experiences with sharing data through DataverseNL.

VU-researchers Prof. dr. ir. Peter Verburg and Dr. ir. Sander Groffen share their experiences of DataverseNL. The interview covers both positive and some negative aspects of sharing research data. “Sharing data leads to more citations, and I see it as a moral obligation”, according to Peter Verburg. Sander Groffen praises the ease of DataverseNL, “’It’s user-friendly and is managed by people who really know what they’re doing”.


DataverseNL is a network of data repositories, which uses software developed by Harvard University. The platform is used worldwide. Institutes pay a fixed fee for participation in DataverseNL. The Advisory Board of DataverseNL, in which every participating institute has one vote, determines the policy of DataverseNL.

Additional information

Read the entire interview with Peter Verburg here. The entire interview with Sander Groffen can be found here. More information on DataverseNL can be found on this page.

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