Updated report on RDA and the social sciences

26 May 2021

On 20 May 2021, Ricarda Braukmann (Data Station Manager Social Sciences at DANS) presented an updated version of the report on RDA and its potential for the social sciences at IASSIST Global Virtual Conference.

The Research Data Alliance, short RDA, is a community-driven organisation that brings together professionals from all over the globe to work together on building the social and technical infrastructure that is needed to enable open sharing of data. Initiated in 2013, the RDA now counts more than 11.000 individual members and more than 70 different groups working on various topics. Finding your way as a newcomer can therefore be difficult and overwhelming. To introduce the work of the RDA to scholars from the the social sciences, DANS has been working on a report providing an overview of all groups and recommendations as well as their perceived relevance for social scientists. 

The report was first published in 2018 as part of the RDA Europe project. The new version of the report was presented during a lightening talk at the IASSIST Global Virtual Conference. It includes RDA Interest Groups discussing sensitive data, as well as the work done by the COVID-19 Working Group which produced recommendations for sharing data during the pandemic. The report should be seen as a starting point to familiarise social scientists with the work of the RDA and provide initial guidance to explore the alliance further.

More information

The most recent version of the report on RDA and the social sciences is available via Zenodo. Please contact Ricarda Braukmann for further questions. 


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