Update of the BRL 4000 and KNA protocols: ‘Digital is the norm, unless’

15 July 2021

The CCvD Archeology has adopted some amendments to the KNA and the BRL 4000 and these have been published for a public reaction round. Digital working is no longer included as a starting point, but as a standard.

The BRL and KNA prescribe that information must be permanently stored in an e-depot. An e-depot is a certified storage place for durable storage of digital data. DANS is often used for this purpose in the field of archaeology. 

Preferred formats

On the basis of (proposed) BRL provisions, digital files must comply with the preferred formats of DANS in the near future. You can view the preferred formats here. DANS has defined a preferred format for each type of file (such as databases, text documents, etc.). These are file formats that are internationally trusted to offer the best guarantees for usability, accessibility and sustainability for new or additional research in the long term.

More information

Read more about the changes here (in Dutch). It is possible to respond to the changes until 31 August. If you have any questions, please contact Hella Hollander.

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