Two-day writing sprint “Integrating Voices of the Community”

21 July 2022

In order to gather voices of the community on RDM practices, the DARIAH working group Research Data Management organized a two-day writing sprint. DANS research data management experts Femmy Admiraal and Francesca Morselli participated in the meeting.

Last week, the DARIAH working group on Research Data Management organized a two-day writing sprint, in Warsaw. During this intensive writing sprint, cultural heritage professionals, researchers, data stewards, open science officers and other data support professionals working in the Arts and Humanities fully focussed on writing the publication “Research Data Management for Arts and Humanities: Integrating Voices of the Community”. 

The drafting team consisted of participants from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Poland, and each of them contributed with stories of how research data management has “become a thing” in policy, research support and scholarly practices across Europe; what are its special flavours in different national and institutional contexts; how certain arts and humanities institutions developed capacities for data support; what are the shared, domain specific challenges that all of us are facing; and what are trustworthy solutions, tools, and particles worth to be shared as part of the publication.

The working group aims to finish the publication over the next few months and to make the work available in early 2023 as an open access publication.

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