Training in the EOSC: what European training coordinators recommend

2 April 2020

From 26-28 of February thirty training coordinators met in The Hague for a highly collaborative workshop. DANS had taken the initiative to bring together trainers in projects and research infrastructures related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to work on the future of training activities in EOSC.

In cooperation with OpenAIRE, EGI and EUDAT a programme was designed about two topics: the so-called Rules of Participation for providing training in EOSC and practical guidance for training service providers who want to participate in EOSC. 

The first topic was introduced by Rene Belsø from the EOSC Working Group on Rules of Participation. Building on the draft version of these high-level Rules, the training coordinators worked on an extension with regard to training delivery and training materials.

The second strand, about recommendations on guidance for training providers, was based on the key needs and areas of improvement of training in EOSC which had been identified earlier, for instance by the Community of Practice of training coordinators and during the EOSC Symposium in November 2019. This strand also benefited from an overview of the state of work and future directions of the brand new EOSC Skills and Training Working Group, presented by their rapporteur Iryna Kuchma.

Obviously, training will be an important element of the future development and evolution of EOSC. With new INFRAEOSC calls on the horizon, it was a very appropriate moment to bring trainers and training coordinators from more than thirty EOSC-related initiatives together and discuss how to improve EOSC training provision by its quality, findability, accessibility and the easier reuse of learning resources.

The workshop’s recommendations will soon be presented to both EOSC Working Groups and made public. DANS gratefully acknowledges financial support from the EOSC Secretariat for organising the workshop.

Additional information

Do you want to know more on the European Open Science Cloud? Visit the webpage of the EOSC-secretariat. Do you want information on DANS training opportunities? Please visit our DANS Training page. The setup and full program of the workshop can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the workshop on Training in EOSC, please contact .

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