Tools for heritage organisations launched

26 March 2021

On 25 March, three useful tools for heritage institutions were launched by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE). These Dutch tools are: Wegwijzer Digitale Duurzaamheid, Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten and Wegwijzer Certification.

DANS has contributed to the creation of Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten. The tool will be managed by an expert group that is tasked with bringing together, sharing and refining the expertise that is currently available in the Netherlands. DANS is part of this expert group. In addition, DANS has worked on the renewal of Wegwijzer Certification, which was developed within the Dutch Digital Heritage Network and is now managed by DANS.

Workshop Wegwijzer Certification

After the launch of the three tools by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE), workshops were held for each tool. The workshop Certification was held by Ilona von Stein (DANS), Daniël Steinmeier (National Library of the Netherlands) and Niels Komen (Regional Archive Zutphen). During the workshop, participants were introduced to the brand new guide by means of practical cases. The presentation slides can be viewed here.

Want to know more about the guide? Watch the video in which Ilona von Stein (DANS) takes you through the new tool (in Dutch):

Interviews in Informatie Professional

See also the (Dutch) article about the tools in the February edition of Informatie Professional. In the article, the three project leaders talk about the new tools for heritage institutions. On behalf of DANS, project leader Ilona von Stein talks about Wegwijzer Certification.

More information

Read more about Wegwijzer Certification on the NDE website. For more information, please contact Maaike Verburg through the form below.

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