SUM – action of 4CH project to transfer Ukrainian digital cultural heritage to secure servers

1 April 2022

DANS is partner in the 4CH project, which initiated SUM – Save the Ukraine Monuments. SUM was launched to transfer the digital documentation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage to secure servers in the EU. We started in silence, but now it is high time to let everyone know what is being done.

The 4CH project, aims to establish a European Competence Centre for the preservation of cultural heritage. The project has started an action to save digital documentation of Ukrainian cultural heritage. These are digital texts, images, drawings and 3D models that can be useful for the restoration and, if necessary, reconstruction of damaged cultural heritage and for the preservation and transmission of Ukrainian culture and history to future generations.

A network of personal contacts between members of EU heritage institutions and Ukrainian colleagues was started. On March 3, 2022, the network was operational and the first data transfers could begin. INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics), the coordinator of 4CH, set up the data storage system. About 100 Terabytes of data from both large institutions and small museums have now been stored.

All data collected will be stored and returned to its rightful owner when – hopefully soon – the situation allows. The 4CH project will assist in the recovery of digital archives and support the physical restoration of monuments in Ukraine.

More information

The 4CH project will design and prepare for a European Competence Centre (CC) on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage which will work proactively for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage (CH). The project aims to start implementing the structure, organisation and services of the CC. Within the 4CH project DANS is involved in the development of webinars, training sessions and training modules. DANS is also involved in management of the work package: Data Management and Guidelines. Read more on the collaboration here.

More information about SUM – Save the Ukraine Monuments – can be found on the 4CH project website.

Save the Ukraine Monuments 4CH

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