Science Europe presents evaluation criteria for data management

18 February 2021

On 27 January, Science Europe presented a list of evaluation criteria for assessing data management plans (DMPs). During this webinar, Peter Doorn gave a presentation.

During this webinar, Peter Doorn gave a presentation of his work on a domain protocol for archaeological research data that meets the Science Europe criteria.

The protocol is in fact a ready-made model DMP, which works according to the principle of “comply or explain”. By subscribing to the articles of the protocol, researchers can save a lot of time in drawing up a DMP, for example if they apply for money for a research project at NWO or the new European framework program Horizon Europe, which will start this summer. This domain protocol is being developed as part of the European ARIADNEplus project, which makes archaeological data accessible worldwide.

Under the chairmanship of Peter Doorn, in 2019 the Science Europe data committee harmonized the requirements for data management of numerous research councils, including NWO, which played a leading role in this initiative. The harmonized DMP requirements and evaluation criteria are available at the Science Europe website.

More information

The webinar is available online. For more information, please contact Peter Doorn.

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