Safeguarding cultural heritage in an inclusive way

16 November 2022

Digital technologies contribute to the accessibility of cultural heritage. Yet there is still a lot to gain. The MuseIT project aims to achieve more inclusiveness in the protection of cultural heritage. DANS cooperates in this project.  

The adoption of digital technologies has benefited the development of virtual museum tours, preservation of cultural assets, digitised archives enabling broader and engaging means of access to cultural heritage. Despite critical advances, structural deficiencies remain. 

There is a lack of accessibility for all, there are limited opportunities for all members of society to participate in cultural and creative industries on equal basis and limited interoperable digital repositories for archiving accessible multisensory cultural assets and related archival structures. With one billion people experiencing some form of disability and one-fifth of these experiencing significant disabilities, access or opportunities to engage with cultural assets is not equally available to all.

This newly funded European project MuseIT aims to co-design, develop, and co-evaluate a multisensory, user-centred platform for enriched engagement with cultural assets with inclusion and equal opportunity for all as core principles. DANS is part of a consortium formed from 8 institutions and 2 partners under the coordination of the HOEGSKOLAN I BORAS. DANS is engaged in tasks of Data Management and preservation of complex digital objects, but will also learn about issues of inclusion and accessibility concerning our own digital collections. 

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Andrea Scharnhorst Ph.D.

Senior Researcher