SA-EU dialogue on the South African Open Science Cloud (SAOSC)

1 February 2022

On February 3, a dialogue will be organised on the development of a framework of principles and guidelines for the establishment of a South African Open Science Cloud (SAOSC). On behalf of DANS, Ingrid Dillo and Louise Bezuidenhout will share their expertise.

The framework will include a set of policy-based recommendations for implementing SAOSC as part of an Open Science enabling environment. Guidelines and principles on critical aspects such as governance and management, resources, policies, monitoring and evaluation, and technologies that enable Open Science will be addressed in this workshop. The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will serve as a model and a valuable source of lessons learned.

Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director DANS, and Louise Bezuidenhout, RDM Specialist at DANS, have been invited to speak. Ingrid Dillo will speak in a session on FAIR metrics and Louise Bezuidenhout in a session on data stewardship.

More information

Participation in the workshop is by invitation. Read more about the SA-EU dialogue here. View the workshop here.

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Ingrid Dillo Ph.D.

Senior Advisor