Reuse of qualitative data – community developments and needs

20 March 2023

To better assist the community in applying open, FAIR, and Research Data Management (RDM) practices, we aim to develop guidance specifically on qualitative data and the possibilities for making it more FAIR and available for reuse. But what are the community’s needs? A survey during the February edition of the Data Stewards Interest Group (DISG)-meeting gave insights into those needs. The short report on this survey is now available online.

We collaborate in the CaRe&DaRe project, ‘Case-study Research and Data Reuse’, which focuses on increasing and better facilitating the reuse of qualitative data in science. Qualitative data is often overlooked in the fast-paced developments of Open Science, FAIR data, and general RDM. And it can be very difficult and demotivating to apply these principles to often complex qualitative datasets. However, these datasets are often very valuable to the community and would be greatly reused if possible.

Participants of the February meeting of the DSIG  were surveyed on their current practices, which resources already are available to them, and what their needs are in guidance on this topic. The results of these responses provide first insights into the current state of the community and their desires for the future. In the CaRe&DaRe project we will use the results to curate helpful guidance for the community to use.

The report on the survey is published on Zenodo to share with the wider community to see and reuse. It also contains more information on the new solution the CaRe&DaRe project is developing for qualitative researchers: decentralised reuse. You can read more about the project on the project page.

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Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Social Sciences