Research project Tracing Syntactic Diversity in Biblical Hebrew

26 October 2020

According to PhD student Martijn Naaijer, the Open Data input from DANS has led to a decisive turn in the research.

Martijn Naaijer’s dissertation is one of the fruits of the research project Tracing Syntactic Diversity in Biblical Hebrew, which received funding from the NWO. His research took place at the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer (ETCBC), part of the Theology Faculty of the VU University in Amsterdam. Promotor Prof. Wido van Peursen: “With his thesis, Naaijer contributes to the current debate about linguistic diversity and language development in the Hebrew Bible, and to what extent it is possible to date the texts linguistically. To his thesis about the origin, genre, text type and to reinforce causation patterns, Naaijer uses statistical research methods.”

His co-supervisor, dr. Dirk Roorda from DANSplayed a special role throughout the entire PhD process. With the online study tool for the Hebrew bible SHeBANQ, to which Roorda made a significant contribution, the principle of open data came to the ETCBC. Subsequently, the Text-Fabric tool could actually feed that data to all kinds of calculations. That meant a big step in the research field.

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On December 1, Martijn Naaijer will receive a digital PhD from the VU University in Amsterdam. For more information, please contact 

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