Programme launch guidebooks for heritage institutions announced

9 March 2021

On Thursday, March 25, three Dutch tools will be launched to keep digital information sustainably accessible. These are Wegwijzer Duurzaamheidsbeleid, Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten and Wegwijzer Certification. DANS will present the workshop Wegwijzer Certification in Dutch.

The three guidebooks have all been developed the Network Digital Heritage (NDE). On March 25, the maintenance of the guidebooks will be transferred to partners in the network: 

  • Wegwijzer Duurzaamheidsbeleid (managed by Cultural Heritage Agency) offers help in drawing up a sustainability policy. This allows heritage institutions to build their policy step-by-step in a way that fits in with the structure of their organisation and the digital information that they manage.
  • Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten (managed by Regionale Historische Centra) provides an overview of the file formats used by heritage institutions and helps institutions to set up a policy on preferred formats via an interactive step-by-step plan.
  • Wegwijzer Certification (managed by DANS) supports institutions in setting up and implementing a certification process. The focus here is on CoreTrustSeal certification.

DANS is part of the NDE working group that set up Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten. The working group writes the following about the guide: “It consists of two parts, namely explanations and examples that are intended to help organisations formulate a policy regarding preferred formats, plus a list of file formats with detailed information about each of them. The guidelines will be managed by an “expert group on preferred formats. The task of the expert group is to bring together, share and refine the expertise currently available in the Netherlands.” DANS will also be part of the expert group.

Wegwijzer Certification has been updated by DANS and will therefore be managed by DANS after its launch. It is intended to support heritage institutions in setting up and implementing the certification process, with a focus on CoreTrustSeal certification.


The festive launch of the three guidebooks starts at 11:00. We cordially invite you to attend the launch, discover the signposts and ask your questions to the project leaders.

Registration for this event is not necessary, participation is possible via this link:

13:00-14:00   Workshop Wegwijzer Duurzaamheidsbeleid

During the workshop we will work with the guidebook. We’ll outline the first contours of this policy, determine what it should consist of and how you can describe it. Then we’ll look at how you can implement it in your organisation. At the end of the workshop you will know what a sustainability policy is and why it is important to define it. You know what a sustainability policy can consist of and how you can build and implement it step by step. The workshop is meant to be hands-on. That is why we ask participants to prepare themselves: to go through the selected areas of interest in the guidebook and to read the Levels of Digital Preservation.

Register here for the workshop Wegwijzer Duurzaamheidsbeleid (in Dutch). 

14:00-15:00   Workshop Wegwijzer Certification

In the workshop, we take you through the brand new signpost on the basis of practical cases. We will explain what certification is, what it means for the reliability of your digital archive and we will show you what is needed to set up and execute a certification process. We will also show you how you can use the tools in the guide for your own institution. There will be plenty of time to ask questions to experts by experience.

Register here for the Workshop Wegwijzer Certification (in Dutch). 

15:00-16:00 uur   Workshop Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten

In the workshop we will work with the guide under the guidance of the expert group. Step by step, we will guide you through the possibilities and functionalities of the signpost. We explain some basic concepts about file formats and preferred formats. Then it’s time to get started yourself. You will create your own institutional page, do research in the register and follow the interactive step-by-step plan. In this way, you will lay the foundation for a preferred format policy in the workshop – to be continued by yourself afterwards. Register now!

Register here for the Workshop Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten (in Dutch). 

More information

Don’t wait too long to register for the workshop of your choice, there is a maximum of 20 participants per workshop. Questions about the launch? Ask  (NDE). For specific questions about Wegwijzer Certification, please contact Ilona von Stein (DANS), and for questions about Wegwijzer Voorkeursformaten, please contact Valentijn Gilissen (DANS).  

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