Practical guide Pseudonymization available

20 January 2020

The National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (LCRDM) has issued a report to promote the handling of pseudonymization and key files in small-scale research.

At the beginning of 2019, a task group of the LCRDM investigated whether there are practical ways of pseudonymising in small-scale research situations. This report offers a set of 9 basic steps, intended for researchers, research institutions and data managers. In addition, the report also provides insights into the current state of affairs regarding pseudonymisation in the Netherlands and contains recommendations for a few follow-up steps.

The pseudonymisation report shows that there are still many uncertainties. For example, the definition of pseudonymisation in practice is not yet unequivocal and there is no policy regarding this (yet). A follow-up to this report will offer further solutions. If you are going to share data via DataverseNL or EASY, It is important that pseudonymised data are also considered personal data under the AVG and that the key file must remain separate from the personal data. For more information, contact one of the .

Recent changes to European legislation on the protection of privacy (AVG / GDPR), the concept of pseudonymisation has been used more frequently. Pseudonymisation is a form of anonymisation, with the difference that the process of unrecognizability is reversible.

Additional information

You can download the report at the website of the LCRDM (Dutch). If you want more information on the report, you can visit this webpage.

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