PC-GWI recognizes DANS as a large-scale research facility

8 December 2020

The website onderzoeksfaciliteiten.nl provides an overview of all large-scale research facilities in the Netherlands, approved by the Permanent Committee on Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructures (PC-GWI), chaired by Prof. dr. ir. C.W. van Duijn. Recently, DANS was also added to the list.

As a result of the Wetenschapsvisie 2025, NWO has appointed the Permanent Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure (PC-GWI) on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The PC-GWI formulates a national strategy for investments in large-scale research infrastructures. To this end, the committee is mapping all large-scale research facilities available to Dutch researchers in the so-called Landscape Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure (GWI). Only Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructures included in this Landscape GWI 2020 are eligible for inclusion in the new Roadmap 2021-2025.

DANS, and the other infrastructures, meet the definition of GWI:

  • facilities, resources and services that a research community uses to conduct research and promote innovation in their field;
  • with a policy of free access for researchers;
  • with a size of at least 10 million euros, in terms of the total capital investment and the operating costs over 5 years, excluding the costs for the accommodation of the facility.

More information

For all large-scale research facilities in the Netherlands, visit onderzoeksfaciliteiten.nl or contact Henk Wals, director of DANS.

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