Images of the Open Science participants joining online.

The international Open Science Conference was held on 27-29 June 2023, celebrating its 10th anniversary. We provided several different sessions in the programme and had a great time discussing current topics and developments with all kinds of different stakeholders. Join us in looking back on these lovely few days!

The ODISSEI Portal has been updated and this third version now allows you to search for CBS metadata records available in Dutch by using English search terms. There are almost 7,500 datasets available throughout the different Dutch institutes. 

DANS’ second Data Station is now live. With this data station, researchers from the social sciences and humanities can archive their datasets online themselves, secure, findable and provided with all essential information.

Making qualitative data – like interview or case study data – available for reuse is often challenging as it is rich and complex data that is difficult to anonymize without losing crucial information. To help researchers and data stewards working with these types of data, DANS has created a guidebook, which is now available on Zenodo.

Humanities researchers tend to work with data derived from heritage collections, such as museums, archives or heritage libraries. Ideally, these data remain available for anybody to use for their own research interests. Often, however, when the projects which generate the data have ended, there are no means to turn the datasets into truly interoperable and reusable resources. It is therefore fortunate that the CLARIAH digital infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities has now designated funding specifically for that: curating existing heritage data sets with the aim of making them useful for a wide range of scholars.

On Monday 20 February, NWO brought the news that nine projects will receive 140 million euros to set up or improve large-scale research infrastructure. The Dutch research field jointly set its priorities for investment in large-scale research infrastructure for the next ten years in the so called National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Infrastructure. DANS is involved in two of these projects: SSHOC-NL and LTER-LIFE.

During the National Open Science Festival in September 2022, the first prototype of the ODISSEI Portal was launched. The Portal combines metadata from a wide variety of research data repositories into a single interface, allowing for advanced queries to support findability, and facilitate data access to social science datasets in the Netherlands. Portal had an upgrade. 

As announced at the CLARIAH & NDE Annual Conference on November 24 2022, CLARIAH opens a call for research projects using data from Dutch heritage institutions. The call aims to provide access for researchers to new data and gives heritage institutions the opportunity have their data developed and disseminated.