Let’s celebrate World Digital Preservation Day

2 November 2023

At DANS, we take pride in preserving scientific data. On World Digital Preservation Day (#WDPD23), we highlight the importance of taking good care of research data. 

Using the right file formats, enriching data with rich metadata, and having a team of experts surround the data with all the care they require, ensures the sustainability of these data.

By choosing DANS as the repository for their data, researchers contribute to a tremendous amount of knowledge accessible to all. Our secure storage solutions and expert data curation team support researchers in archiving and making research data available for reuse. Together, let’s celebrate World Preservation Day, appreciating the importance of preserving our scientific heritage for future generations. 

For instance, take a look at this dataset: the transcriptions of letters by Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687), the famous secretary of prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange, concerning musical instruments and performance. These ‘music letters’ provide a unique insight into musical practices in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic. You can find those ‘music letters’ here

Or resurrect the website containing the results of a study of late medieval necrologies and obituaries from Breda. These web texts, transcriptions, images and maps, document a project which has made available a rich collection of sources for the social, economic and religious history of a wealthy town in the Late Middle Ages. The website is stored as a dataset and contains a lot of visual material. Have a look at the dataset here.

The images are created with the AI tool Adobe Firefly.

Image of a man holding a musical instrument used in 17th-century Dutch music. The instrument looks like a very long round guitar.

Image of handwritten Middle Age obituary texts

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