OpenAIRE: treasury of 146 million research outputs

2 June 2021

Europe offers many initiatives for researchers and data professionals to share publications, research data and research data management knowledge. OpenAIRE is one of the examples.

Through OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe), researchers have access to (open) scientific publications, datasets and research software, from more than 10,000 reliable sources. DANS is one of those sources.

Elly Dijk, Research Data Management Specialist at DANS, talks about OpenAIRE’s tools, services, and projects in the June edition of E-data & Research: “For researchers, OpenAIRE is a treasury of 146 million research outputs, including open access publications, open research data, and research software.” Dijk continues: “OpenAIRE has also developed services that help researchers practice Open Science themselves. Examples include Argos and Amnesia.

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Want to read more data success stories? Visit the E-data & Research website. For more information on OpenAIRE, please contact Elly Dijk.

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