Open Science workshop for twelve National Open Access Desks of OpenAIRE

12 January 2021

As part of OpenAIRE’s Good Practice Exchange Programme, DANS will give an online workshop on 18 January 2021. The workshop is offered to twelve National Open Access Desks (NOADs), each representing their own country in the field of Open Science.

Various topics in the field of Open Science in the Netherlands are discussed in the workshop. For example, Loek Brinkman (UMC Utrecht) will give a presentation on the Open Science Communities at Dutch universities. Other topics will be discussed are: Open Science developments in the Netherlands, Research Data Management, FAIR data, and the DANS data services DataverseNL, DANS Archive and Certification.

OpenAIRE is a Horizon 2020 project that supports the European Commission’s Open Science policy with various services, including: Amnesia, a data anonymization tool, and Argos, an online Data Management Plan Tool. In addition, OpenAIRE provides access to 48 million Open Access scientific publications and 5 million open datasets. In the Netherlands, NARCIS is the source for OpenAIRE.

Together with the Library of Delft University of Technology, DANS is NOAD for the Netherlands. In addition, DANS leads the Taskforce Research Data Management in Europe.

More information

The workshop slides are available online. For more information about the services of OpenAIRE, please contact Elly Dijk, NOAD OpenAIRE.

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