Open Science in 2 minutes

13 November 2020

Open Science is a movement that aims to increase open and participatory research practices in which publications, data, software and other types of academic information are shared at the earliest possible stage and made available for reuse. Open Science generates more impact, on both science and society. NWO’s aim is to ensure that all research funded by NWO is openly accessible. NWO beliefs in Open Science, DANS underlines this statement.

NWO is committed to and wants to take the lead in the transition to Open Science. Since 2009, NWO has strived to ensure that all publications it funds are openly accessible. In 2016, NWO introduced its research data management policy which aims to make research data generated as part of NWO funded projects as open and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable en reusable) as possible. The transition to Open Science requires a change in the way researchers are assessed. That’s why NWO is promoting other ways of recognising and rewarding academics. Where possible, NWO is also investing in the creation of Open Science infrastructures. DANS underlines this statement. 

More information 

You can watch the video online. More information is available on the NWO website. You can also about the possibilities of sharing data. 

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