NWO stimulates Open Science with new funding instrument

2 December 2020

NWO is launching the ‘Open Science Fund’, a new funding instrument intended to give Open Science a boost. Projects can be financially supported through the programme in the broad field of Open Science. Examples include projects aimed at developing innovative ways of (open access) publishing, the FAIR sharing of data or software, and projects that help bring about the necessary culture change. DANS underlines this initiative.

The Open Science Fund is open to researchers from all fields of research. The aim is to support researchers in developing, testing and implementing innovative ways of making research open, accessible, transparent and reusable across the full breadth of Open Science. One million euros will be available in the first round for projects of up to 50,000 euros.

According to Stan Gielen, chair of NWO, The Open Science Fund is an important next step in recognising and rewarding open research practices: “Open Science requires a culture change. We try to achieve this in as many ways as possible, but we are not going to achieve this only through conditions and rules. It is crucial that we reward those researchers that already put Open Science into practice. That is what we hope to achieve with the Open Science Fund ”.

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Read the full article on the NWO website.

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