Now in E-data: FAIR Signposting offers online navigation help for bots

15 October 2021

FAIR Signposting offers an online guide for bots looking for scientific output. DANS recently realised an implementation that can serve as inspiration for other scientific repositories. Read more in the latest edition of E-data & Research.

In the October edition of E-data & Research, DANS Fellow Herbert van de Sompel writes about ‘FAIR Signposting’:

“As part of the ODISSEI roadmap project, DANS implemented ‘FAIR Signposting’ in Dataverse, an open source repository platform. (…) By implementing ‘FAIR Signposting’, bots will more easily find their way around datasets in Dataverse installations without having to use a specific API. But the scientific web will only become truly machine-friendly if other platforms also support ‘FAIR Signposting’. DANS hopes to inspire others to do the same for their scientific repositories.”

Read the full article here (in Dutch).

E-data & Research

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