New portal for tree ring data ready for use

3 December 2021

The Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and DANS have launched DataverseNL as the new DCCD portal for the deposit, download and (inter)national distribution of tree ring data.

DCCD stands for Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology. This international digital database library of tree ring data contains measurements of tree ring patterns, descriptive metadata and a report. By means of dendrochronological research, the calendar year in which a tree was cut can be determined. This makes it possible to date wooden objects. In addition, we can learn more about the development and use of the landscape.

Together with the RCE, DANS has ensured that the data from the technically outdated DCCD portal are now findable and accessible in this new system. As a result, research reports and measurement series of hundreds of objects and sites from the present to the prehistoric period can be found. The digital archive is continuously updated with new results by specialists. Each organisation displays its own collection of data relating to archaeological sites, shipwrecks, buildings, furniture, paintings, sculptures and, for example, musical instruments.


DataverseNL makes it possible to store, share and record research data online, during the research period and beyond. The data are given a persistent identifier (DOI), making it easy for others to refer to the dataset by the citation information provided. It is also possible to add new data. Central storage in DataverseNL makes results of heritage-related annual ring research widely accessible, also for follow-up research.

More information

View the portal here.


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Hella Hollander M.A.

Data Station Manager Archaeology