New milestone: 175.000 datasets available via DANS!

29 June 2021

The number of datasets entrusted to DANS is increasing rapidly. Only nine months ago, in October 2020, the 150,000th dataset was deposited. Now, there are over 175,000!

Henk Wals, director DANS: “DANS has been growing at a rapid pace lately; in terms of datasets, we are currently among the largest in Europe. The awareness that research data must be deposited FAIR is increasing. More and more researchers and institutions understand that this requires a reliable, certified repository that offers expert assistance and where you can speak to someone if necessary. DANS offers more than just data storage. As KNAW- and NWO-institutes, we are closely connected to the research world and know the problems that researchers struggle with. We notice that this is appreciated.”

DANS now provides access to 175,000 datasets, of which more than 169,000 are publicly available. The datasets originate from the humanities, health sciences, social and behavioural sciences and life sciences, among others. The data can be shared with others, enabling sustainable access to and re-use of research data.

More information

For questions and reactions regarding sharing data, please contact Valentijn Gilissen, Data Processing Team Leader. 

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