New in EASY: large collection of maritime excavation files

12 March 2020

Stichting Batavialand has digitized the paper archaeological (ship) excavation documentation of the former maritime depot of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. This special collection is now accessible via EASY. The first series of excavation files from the maritime national collection are published in EASY. This series concerns the files of wrecks that were found during the extraction of the Wieringermeer and the Noordoostpolder.

During the reclamation of the Wieringermeer in the 1930s, and since then in the polders that now form Flevoland, hundreds of wrecks have been found which have been perished on the former Zuiderzee. The documentation varies from simple reports to fully executed archaeological excavations. In the polders the wrecks are from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century, including many fishing and cargo ships. Such investigations do not always lead to formal archaeological publications; nevertheless it concerns valuable and unique source documentation for archaeological (ship) research. Batavialand manages both the archaeological objects and the associated archive of the maritime national collection, on behalf of the National Cultural Heritage Agency. 

The wreckage files include report notes, correspondence, situation sketches, finds lists, internal reports and various images.

View the preliminary overview of the files here.

The overview presented will be expanded as more wreck record datasets are published in EASY. Excavation files of shipwrecks from Eastern Flevoland, Southern Flevoland and the rest of the Netherlands will follow.

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