New H2020 research project Polifonia explores Europe’s musical heritage

22 January 2021

On January 14, 2021 the kick-off of the new research project Polifonia took place, financed by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. DANS is responsible for the Data Management Plan within the project.

Over the next 40 months, Polifonia will investigate and recreate the connections between music, people, places and events from the sixteenth century to the modern day. Polifonia’s findings will be made available to everyone as an interconnected global database on the web and are intended to enhance the understanding of Europe’s musical heritage. “Polifonia will develop artificial intelligent tools to navigate through tons of sounds and plurilingual texts”, explains Valentina Presutti, project coordinator of Polifonia and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bologna, “to understand how music changed and reacted to the social and political environment over the past six centuries”.

The KNAW is partner in this project, with work executed by the Femmy Admiraal, Andrea Scharnhorst (DANS) and Peter Kranenburg (Meertens Institute). DANS is responsible for the Data Management Plan (DMP) within Polifonia. The obligatory DMP will be used as tool for project-wide documentation of information about datasets and controlled vocabulary, but is also envisioned to be used for coordination. For this goal, there will be evaluated iterations of the DMP, which can be seen as an additional information-science research instrument. For DANS, this offers an excellent opportunity to contribute our expertise directly to a pioneering research project.

More information

Read more about the research project on the Polifonia website. For more information, please contact Andrea Scharnhorst.

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