New ARIADNEplus archaeological search engine

10 January 2023

The new ARIADNEplus portal provides access to more than 4 million sources. DANS ensured that the data of Dutch archaeologists, dendrochronologists and other cultural heritage researchers are included.

People with an interest in Archaeology are able to easily admire archaeological collections from more than 50 different countries online through ARIADNEplus. Archaeological objects, data from excavations and surveys, but also reports, images and databases from a total of 4 million sources are searchable. A very wide range of archaeological data from Europe and a number of other places around the world can be found. Find the topic of your interest via a generic search, or a more specific search using the timeline (from the Stone Age to the present), points on the map or by selecting thematic topics.

Click here to visit the ARIANDEplus portal.


ARIADNE stands for Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe. After four years, the project was completed with the portal as the main output. As partner of ARIADNEplus, DANS ensured that the Archaeology Data Station was also reflected in the new infrastructure, so that the data is internationally accessible via the portal. Furthermore, DANS provided leadership and shared expertise on the sustainable accessibility of high-quality data in a reliable archive environment.

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Hella Hollander M.A.

Data Station Manager Archaeology