NARCIS mentioned in Trouw

24 March 2020

The Dutch newspaper Trouw reported on NARCIS last March 22.

In the article, science journalist Ron Hendriks argues that publication in scientific journals should not be the main purpose of scientific research. As a result, research results often do not always find their way to those for whom they are intended. Ron Hendriks uses NARCIS to look up a scientific article. The entire article can be read on the Trouw website.

NARCIS is the main national portal for those looking for information about researchers and their work. Besides researchers, NARCIS is also used by students, journalists and people working in educational and government institutions as well as the business sector.

NARCIS provides access to scientific information, including (open access) publications from the repositories of all the Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and a number of research institutes, datasets from some data archives as well as descriptions of research projects, researchers and research institutes.

More information

If you would like more information about the open access content of NARCIS, or if you would like to have your repository with open access publications harvested by NARCIS, please contact Elly Dijk, senior policy officer DANS/NARCIS.

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