Last call: apply for a KDP grant

26 September 2019

The application deadline for a KDP grant is approaching. You can still submit an application until 1 October, to receive a grant for a small data project.

Since 2006, DANS has been subsidizing small data projects. Small data projects (Dutch: Klein dataproject, KDP) are projects in which one or more important data sets are described and made accessible for reuse. The grant is primarily intended for research areas where data are not yet archived and reused, and where a grant can be an incentive to do this. The data must comply with the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management

Previous projects

Several projects receive a KDP grant every year. These projects vary from vectorizing original analogue excavation drawings, such as the project “retracing Modderman“, to a longitudinal study into the relational and sexual development of young people in the Netherlands of “Project STARS“.

Additional information

Read more about the grant and the application procedure online or contact Lisa de Leeuw.

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