Invitation for archaeologists: ARIADNE TNA Summer Schools

18 March 2022

After postponing the Transnational Access (TNA) programme for the past two years, the ARIADNEplus project has resumed the TNA for 2022. The project will organise four Summer Schools. It is possible to apply until 25 March.

The following Summer Schools are offered:


ARIADNEplus builds on the ARIADNE results, which successfully integrated archaeological data infrastructures in Europe, indexing in its registry about 2.000.000 datasets. It extends and supports the research community that the previous project created and further developing the relationships with key stakeholders such as the most important European archaeological associations, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies and so on.

DANS is partner of ARIADNEplus. DANS ensures that the e-depot for Dutch Archaeology EDNA is also included in the new infrastructure, making the data better visible internationally via the future portal. Furthermore, DANS leads the work and shares its expertise on sustainable access of high quality data in a trusted archive.

More information

Read more about the ARIADNEplus TNA Summer Schools here.

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Hella Hollander M.A.

Data Station Manager Archaeology