IDCC 2021 blog: “Re-use, the ultimate test”

6 May 2021

During the 16th edition of the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) on 19 April 2021, attention was drawn to the (un)satisfied user within open research data and the preservation infrastructure. The content of this presentation can be read in the recently published blog post.

The presentation “Re-use the ultimate test for sustainability” was prepared by Barbara Sierman of and Ingrid Dillo, deputy director DANS. In the blog post, the contents of this lightening talk can be read.

The core of the presentation is about a missing element in the infrastructure that has been put in place to keep digital data sustainably accessible. The FAIR principles ensure better data, the TRUST principles better repositories. But who gauges the satisfaction of (re)users of digital objects? What can we learn from their experiences? After all, all efforts for digital sustainability are aimed at the users, the so-called designated community. Now and in the future.

A better understanding of the success of data re-use can lead to better approaches to sustainable accessibility. Ingrid Dillo, deputy director DANS: “The ultimate test of a successful approach to digital sustainability is a satisfied user.” The speakers call for discussion on this point.

More information

Read the full blog post here. For more information, please contact Ingrid Dillo.

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