Highlights from the Data Trail on new FAIR-tools

11 May 2022

On Thursday April 21, 2022, the DANS Data Trail Explore new tools for your FAIR toolkit took place online. During the workshop, we looked back on selected highlights that FAIRsFAIR has contributed to the international journey towards more FAIR data and zoomed in on two concrete tools: F-UJI – for assessing the FAIRness of data – and the training and education manual. We take you through the highlights of this workshop.


FAIRsFAIR’s goal was to supply practical solutions, and that is what was delivered:

  • a variety of tools to raise the awareness around FAIR (e.g. FAIR-Aware),
  • to assess FAIRness of data (e.g. F-UJI tools), and
  • to support instruction on the FAIR principles and FAIR data (e.g. FAIR Teaching handbook and the accompanying Good Practices in FAIR competence education). Both the Teaching handbook and the Good Practices report have been well-accessed since their publication with over 6,500 and 1,300 downloads respectively.

The Breakout sessions

The tools that were presented were new to the participants but well received. In both breakout sessions, this was followed by discussion on available tools as well as broader aspects such as the utility of assessment tools for FAIR.

Next steps

With FAIRsFAIR wrapped up and its purpose of practical solutions achieved, what is next? Ingrid Dillo introduced the new project DANS is coordinating starting June 1st: the FAIR IMPACT project. This project will continue to support FAIR practices across domains and different research outputs. It will a.o. continue to improve the FAIR-Aware and F-UJI tools.

Missed the workshop?

If you were not able to participate in this workshop, you can watch the recordings of it here. You can also download the presentation: Presentation_DANSDataTrail_Explore_FAIRtools_20220421.

More information

If you want to know more about the FAIRsFAIR tools and the FAIR-IMPACT project, you can view the recording and keep an eye on our newspage.  

DANS Data Trail 21-04

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