Global Research Data Alliance meeting: 9-12 November

3 November 2020

The 16th plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance will take place 9-12 November 2020. The theme of this plenary meeting is “Knowledge ecology”. DANS is also involved.

As usual there is an attractive programme about “all things data”. DANS staff participate in a couple of sessions:

  • 10-11: Cees Hof will share his thoughts and (EOSC) experiences concerning domain-specific data management plans (DMPs) at a Birds of a Feather session around the introduction of an RDA Working Group on Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs. 10 November, 05.00 – 06.30 UTC. 
  • 11-11: Marjan Grootveld represents the LCRDM task group “a Dutch data curation network” in a Birds of a Feather session about such networks: Leveraging Shared Expertise for Data Curation and Discovery. 11 November, 05.00 – 6.30 UTC.  
  • 11-11: Ellen Leenarts has been involved in the Interest Group of minimal and extended metadata for learning materials that will be presented in the session Creating and connecting data training ecosystems of the Education and Training on handling research data IG, 11 November, 12.00 – 1.30 UTC. 
  • 9, 10, 11 November: Ricarda Braukmann is presenting a poster on – the global discussion platform on Persitent Identifiers (PIDs) established as part of the FREYA project. Poster sessions UTC 8:00-8:30 pm. 

 New to the RDA? Watch this recorded webinar.  

More information 

Please visit the RDA website for more information. Note: there will be an attendance fee. If you have questions for DANS, please contact us. 

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