Geospatial and sensitive data at FAIR Data Day

15 November 2022

The FAIR Data Day event, taking place on 29 November at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, focuses on the benefits of data reuse in everyday research practice. Inspirational keynote speakers and interactive workshops on practical examples of FAIR implementation will give the audience plenty of food for thought. Two of the eight selected workshops will be co-hosted by DANS.

FAIR on the spot, geospatial metadata across disciplines, how do we make them fit?

Sharing data is only realistic if certain preconditions are met and a facility for sharing data has been carefully considered. In this workshop Jandirk Bulens (WUR) & Cees Hof (DANS) will pay attention to the necessary components for sharing spatial metadata and explain how it creates a FAIR infrastructure. 

They base this on a framework conceptualized around nine building blocks and how metadata plays a crucial role in it. From documenting to publishing, from organizing to making agreements between data providers and users, it’s all equally important. Participants are challenged to come up with their own examples to share experiences and introduce good practices.

Harmonising Access Procedures for Sensitive Data 

Open Access datasets typically come with creative commons licenses that specify under which conditions a dataset can be re-used. For sensitive data where access is only possible under strict conditions, licenses and access procedures are much less standardised. 

In this workshop, Wim Hugo (DANS), Ricarda Braukmann (DANS) & Jorik van Kemenade (SURF) want to discuss how existing procedures can be harmonised. They will present a set of machine-readable licenses developed in the context of ODISSEI which are designed to specify additional conditions that often apply to sensitive datasets. These conditions for instance include the verification of the user, their intent, and requirements around the use of secure analysis environments.

The entire FAIR Data Day programme you find here. 

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