FAIRsFAIR supported repositories share their experiences

17 February 2022

From February 2020 until January 2022, the FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Programme ran. In this Programme, 10 repositories were supported to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification. After the completion of the Programme, the repositories’ experiences and advice are shared in a three-part blog series.

One of the goals of the FAIRsFAIR project has been to encourage repositories to pursue certification as one of the ways to express trustworthiness and FAIR-enabling qualities. Trust and accessibility are core concepts for repositories in the EOSC ecosystem, as researchers need to be able to choose a repository to deposit their data based on accessible evidence proving quality care and long-term data preservation.

Repository Support Programme

To put this encouragement into practice, FAIRsFAIR rolled out the Repository Support Programme. After an open call, 10 repositories were selected to be supported towards CoreTrustSeal certification, engaging in several workshops, calls, and mock-assessments to prepare them for submitting their CoreTrustSeal application. DANS leads the work package named ‘FAIR certification’, as well as the specific task that relates to the Support Programme. Together with other project partners, DANS has developed and organised the Programme and has delivered active support to the selected repositories.

Three-part blog series

In November 2021, the last phase of the Programme started, in which the supported repositories were asked about their experiences and opinions regarding the FAIRsFAIR Support Programme in a questionnaire as well as 1-on-1 interviews with the support team members. The insights gained from the repositories were too valuable to remain internal. This is why it was decided to highlight the repositories’ experiences and advice in a three-part blog series. This series is complementary to the project deliverable that was published in July 2021, in which the FAIRsFAIR support team depicted the Programme and their lessons learned.

The three-part series covers the following topics:

More information

Read more about the FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Programme here.

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