FAIRsFAIR organises its final event FAIRsFAIR2022

16 December 2021

FAIRsFAIR is pleased to welcome you to the very last stop of their long and extremely exciting journey that started in 2019! Between January 25th and 27th, FAIRsFAIR partners and stakeholders will meet for a series of concluding meetings taking place online to deep-dive into the results of FAIRsFAIR.

At FAIRsFAIR2022, the project and its stakeholders will analyse the impact that FAIRsFAIR has had on the European Research Community. They will also go through the tools, guidelines and best practices that FAIRsFAIR have produced and delivered to researchers, data stewards, decision makers and funders towards a better, more structured approach towards FAIR data management. The FAIRsFAIR project will take the recommendations produced and the lessons learnt and leave them as a legacy for future activities to come.

DANS is the coordinator of FAIRsFAIR, and as one of the core partners is closely involved in most of the project’s work packages.

FAIRsFAIR Final Event

The core of these three days will be the FAIRsFAIR Final Event on Wednesday 26th of January. Forget about power-points and online surveys: grab an armchair and a coffee, make yourself comfortable and join us. We promise you an out of the ordinary fresh take on an online event!

Public Session, Wednesday 26th of January, 14:00 – 17:00 CET

Research is open and without borders. The FAIR principles are not just a European matter. That’s why the event will be opened by a keynote speaker that will bring an international perspective and will tell us how FAIR is approached in… well, we can’t tell you any more yet!

During this session, representatives from FAIRsFAIR will debate on the core aspects of implementing FAIR with outstanding representatives of the European and international research community. How can we ensure the sustainability of FAIR practices? How are universities in Europe implementing and ensuring implementation of FAIR policies by students, educators and trainers? How do we combine the FAIR principles with data preservation in the long-term? And last but not least: how do we ensure the FAIR principles are truly turned into common practices to be continuously implemented by researchers and supported by funding agencies?

The concluding session will look at the national perspective, asking ourselves how we can ensure that European sovereignty deals with national and language dimensions when dealing, for instance, with aspects related to ontologies, vocabularies and specific local cultural aspects.

More information

Please register at the FAIRsFAIR event page. Here you can also find more information and a schedule of the event.

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Simon Saldner Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist