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21 May 2021

Many researchers are still struggling with putting the FAIR data principles in their daily practice. To help them, FAIRsFAIR representatives Joy Davidson (Digital Curation Centre) and Linas Čepinskas (DANS) presented FAIR-Aware at the SSHOC Open Science and Research Data Management Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp.

The objective of the bootcamp, which was part of the IASSIST 2021 Global Virtual Pre-Conference (GVC), was to assist RDM trainers in finding resources and tools they can re-use in their training activities for researchers and data professionals. Participants from around the world attended the workshops over the course of two days: testing the tool and brainstorming creative ways to reuse it in their training activities. Their ideas will be used in improving and developing training materials to support FAIR data practices. 


FAIR-Aware is an online self-assessment tool hosted by DANS and developed in cooperation with PANGEA and DCC. Its goal is to promote awareness about FAIR data and educate users about FAIR data use. By answering 10 questions, the user can check their knowledge about FAIR data use and receive guidance on each question. FAIR-Aware helps the user to understand the issues at hand and teaches them how to make their data FAIR before depositing it in a data repository.

More information

If you would like to try out the tool yourself, you can do that here. Read more about the bootcamp online. Please contact Linas Čepinskas, Research Data Management Specialist at DANS, if you have any further questions.

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